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“...ahh, I thought you looked like an artist”

Ken Tyrrell, Melbourne 1996
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Formula 1 Graphics: In 1996 I took the decision to ‘go it alone’ and take my specialist Formula 1 infographics to the next logical level.

With the support of some of the top names in the sport I have been granted access to areas that very few people see - this had been entertainment in itself at times as my camera pointed at things that, ordinarily, are not to be pointed at with cameras!

Since making that move, my work has appeared in around 150 separate titles and arenas, in some thirty countries. The majority of the titles running my graphics were/are established market leaders within their own borders and beyond.

Every graphic here has been personally researched, written, styled and illustrated by me. This has naturally entailed visiting race tracks and team HQs both in this country and abroad to interview personnel and take photographs for drawing reference. I have, on many occasions, been allowed access to highly confidential and sensitive material and information.

My client base includes illustious names such as Renault F1 – including the design of the current race team logo – Ferrari, Jaguar Racing, Jordan Grand Prix,
Tyrrell, BAR and Williams Grand Prix. Magazines publishing my work include: Autosport (UK); Autosprint (Italy); Auto Hebdo (France); BBC (UK); Benson & Hedges (UK); Car and Life (Taiwan); Carlton Books (ITV guide, UK); Formule 1 (Holland); Fox TV (USA); ICN (Rothmans, UK); Kicker (Germany); Marconi; Motor Sport Aktuell (Switz/Germ); MCI Worldcom (Europe); Mercedes-Benz (Germany); MIB (Official Michael Schumacher
Fan Club); Michelin; Microprose (UK); The Observer (UK); Phillip Morris/Marlboro (Europe); Radio Times (UK); TAG-Heuer (Switzerland) etc, etc.

Event organisers include: Silverstone/British Grand Prix. United States, Brazilian, Canadian, German and Austrian Grands Prix.

These portfolios contain a selection of Formula 1 work, along with a number of 'non-F1' examples...