...to my potted history
Rather than going into a lot of smooth patter about how great I am and how I can transform your life - or the future of mankind with the mere flick of a pen or shutter, this is just a little bit about what I do. If this should tie in with what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Graphic Art: I have been a working Graphic Artist for some thirty years, more than twenty of them freelance. I have worked on advertising accounts, editorial and information graphics as well, of course, as an illustrator.

Although experienced in ‘traditional’ graphic techniques, new technology has allowed me to experiment more and develop a precise style that combines the best of both worlds. I prefer to see what I can do with available technology, not what that technology can do with me - in many respects I tend to regard it more as an enemy than a friend and I maintain a healthy disrespect for it all!..

Somewhere along the way, I became drawn to Formula 1 and I have specialised in this field for around fifteen years.

I am proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the sport, supplying work to teams, technical partners, sponsors and race organisers, having been published in thirty countries in most of the major motor sports titles at home and abroad. My work has also been used by numerous F1 teams and events, most notably the Renault F1 Team (including the Benetton era). BAR, Ferrari, Jaguar, Jordan, Prost, Stewart, Tyrrell, WIlliams have also used my work in various forms.

Major sponsors such as Marlboro, Rothmans, Japan Tobacco, TAG-Heuer, Mumm Champagne are also past clients, along with broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, and America's Fox TV. Magazines to carry my work include traditional, international heavyweights such as Autosport, Autosprint and Motorsport Aktuell to exciting new titles such as Speedweek and Formule 1.

Formula 1 has, thus far, hogged a substantial part of my career, but there is much more to offer than that and I am always open to new exploring new pastures and projects, applying the same degree of diligence and commitment to my 'local' clients as I do to international companies.

Photographic Art: Am I really a photographer? Probably not. I tend to think of myself as an artist using a camera simply as a 'bridge' in an often lengthy process. 1/250th of a second is, after all, pretty small against preparations and planning that can take days or weeks.So probably just a graphic artist, with a taste for photography. I really don't get too anal about 'titles'.

What I do enjoy, hugely, with this side of my work is the three-dimensional aspect and the processes in preparing a shoot.

Not every idea works, but most are worth a try! I make my own mistakes and learn from them. I'll ask questions and I'll dig around as much as I need, but to blithely follow someone else's instructions and become a clone of anyone is just not me, so, I'll give it a crack.

I tend to very self-critical - bordering on destructive if I am honest - so I am very rarely fully satisfied with my output. Through ‘photography’, I can indulge my more creative side and let this slightly warped imagination run free. I am a creative beast and always have one eye on the next project, the downside, I suppose, being that for every project that I finish, there have likely been five or six that I lost interest in before even starting them!.

It doesn't matter how long I have spent on a project, if it doesn't work it goes in the bin. I'm never afraid of experimenting and trying new things.

The lines between the graphics and the ‘photography’ are quite blurred, each feeding the other to a greater or lesser degree.

I am very much into borderline morbid, dystopian imagery, and as far as 'props' go, pretty much anything is fair game. The whole process of sourcing 'stuff' and creating sets is as much a part of it as taking the pictures. Whether chunks of concrete from a Nazi observation tower or a garden snail, everything sparks possibilities! Whether it’s a simple case of putting an Apple in an interesting position or constructing a practical solution to sausage, egg and chips from reclaimed bits and pieces, it's all done with random purpose.

People may not understand or like what I do, some may find aspects of its alarming, but they're only pictures - there are no demons fighting to get out! My work can be all kinds of things to all kinds of people - hopefully some of my more fanciful work will spark some kind of creative response in the person looking at it.

In General...there's no getting away from it; I'm getting on a bit now, wallowing in the mire of middle-age, graciousness long since having surrendered to the grasping tentacles of grumpiness, which is about all that need be known about me as a person. The rest is really not that interesting or dangerous; I like fly-fishing, walking, cooking, obscurity, that sort of stuff...

Rather more because I am obstinate than clever, I am self-taught. I have always been more interested in learning by trial and error than in singing from someone else's song-sheet - I am inspired by many artists and photographers, I simply do not aspire to be them.

What can I do for you? Thank you for taking the time to read this (assuming, of course, that somebody has actually made it this far).

The images on this site are taken from my 'back-catalogue' and are, of course, representative of my work. They don't necessarily reflect the limits or range of possibilities and I am always pleased to discuss projects, no matter the size, whether local, national or international.

Please feel free to use the 'contact' link at the top of this page for both commercial and personal e-mail enquiries...

...or feel free to call me on: 01243 601999